Ara-Li Acres 

breeders of

Morgan Horses  

Following old Lippitt Family bloodlines producing Classic style Morgan Horses
with "can-do" attitudes and willing personalities.

It is with heavy hearts we announce the death of our beloved Stallion

Amadeus Mozart Ara-Li*

April 15, 1995 - June 2, 2016


We currently have 3 generations on the property but

 have retired from breeding. 

Our goal was to produce Sport-Type Morgans with family style dispositions. 
 We bred with an emphasis in athleticism, versatility, intelligence and tractability.
We built our breeding program on a foundation of well balanced
Lippitt Line Morgans with strong ground covering gaits.
They are excellent dressage, hunter, carriage and trail prospects.


Amadeus Mozart Ara-Li*
 Lippitt Club Honors
 "Lippitt of the Year"
1998, 1999, 2002, 2012
"Allen's Major Award"
 Canadian Morgan Horse Association Honors

"Supreme Justin Morgan Honors 2010" 
 "Superior Justin Morgan Honors"
 Versatility 2010 
Performance 2006
 "Justin Morgan Medallion Honors"
 Huntseat Pleasure 2010
English General Performance 2008
Pleasure Driving 2001
Driving General Performance
2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009
 "Versatile Morgan Medallion"
 Silver 1999, Gold, 2001, Platinum 2013
Mozart is the first to receive both  of the CMHA cumulative awards.
Supreme Justin Morgan Honors and Platinum Versatile Morgan Medallion.





August 31, 2016