Amadeus Mozart Ara-Li*

(Jake Mint X Amadeus Nekomia Ash)

April 15, 1995 ~  June 2, 2016 
We are sad to report the death of our beloved Moe.

This versatile Morgan Stallion is well balanced in stature, movement, and mind. He is 100% Lippitt line Morgan.


"Mozart" has many Championships to his name including In-hand, Pleasure Driving, Carriage Driving, Western and many in the Hack divisions.

He has received numerous "CMHA" Zone and National Champion Awards. "Justin Morgan Honors" for Pleasure Driving, English General Purpose and five for Driving General Purpose. In 2006 he was awarded a "Superior Justin Morgan Honor for Performnce". In 2010 "Superior Justin Morgan Honor for Versatility"  and received the hightes honor in this program the "Supreme Justin Morgan Honor"


He has also received the Silver and Gold Medallions for the "CMHA" Versatility Program. In 2013 he received the Platinum plaque for Versatility.
He became the first to ever receive "Supreme Justin Morgan Honours" and the "Versatile Morgan Medallion Platinum" awards. 


"Mozart" has been highly honored by the "Lippitt Club" by being named "Lippitt of the Year" four times 1998, 1999 and 2002. He also was presented "The Allen's Major" award for Versatile Lippitt in 2001.


"Mozart's " sire "Jake Mint" who stands New Hampshire is a Champion In-hand, he has produced many outstanding offspring. 


"Mozart's" grandsires on his sire side "Covenant Nathan Ash" is a champion  In-hand, Carriage Driving, Versatility, Dressage and Saddleseat.

"Mozart's" dam "Amadeus Nekomia Ash" is strong in "Dr.C. Park's" "Dyberry" bloodlines through "Bob", "Buddy", and "Ethan" all doing horses and sons of the great "Lippitt Miss Nekomia" a multiple winner of the Vermont, Green Mountian 100-mile Ride.

"Mozart" is the great grandson on "Equinox Royalty" an outstanding athlete in excelling distance riding and sire of Champions.


Many wonderful Lippitts grace his pedigree including "Lippitt Nancy Moro" an exceptional show horse in her day .

"Stillwater Indigo" sire of champions who did it all and many ,many, more.