The characteristics of the early Morgans still exist!

The Lippitt Family of the Morgan horse comes from a rather small group of Morgans who trace back on all lines of it's pedigree to one of  the Lippitt Club's "Foundation Stock". The foundation stock consists of 25 old-blooded Morgans (8 stallions and 17 mares).
Each of these "Foundation Stock" members carries a very high percentage of the blood of Ethan Allen 2nd (406). For this reason he is referred to as the "cornerstone" of all Lippitt breeding. Ethan Allen 2nd was considered to be one of the best sources of type and Justin Morgan blood.

What makes the Lippitt unique among Morgans is the concentration of this blood to the practical exclusion of most all other lines. For this reason the Lippitt Morgan has a strong tendancy to exhibit the characteristics so celebrated in the Old Morgans and pass them along to their offspring.

A quote from Marshall Winkler a geneticist and the breeder of Moe's sire Jake Mint, "because of their inbreeding they are homozygous. Thus, in one strain, they combine a reservoir of original Morgan values called -high percentage -  with the well proven ability to cross with other strains to produce what is known as hybrid vigor". This fact makes them a wonderful cross to other Morgan families.

My thanks to "Jim Alexander" for allowing me to use some of his phrases form "What  in the World  is  a  Lippitt  Morgan" in this brief discription of the "Lippitt Morgan".